Our mission

is to improve the resilience of communities and natural ecosystems by restoring landscapes in a sustainable way.

In a nutshell, our approach is based on a foldable structure made from biodegradable cardboard fibres, applied on a slope and filled with local soil to function as a terracing structure. Inside the product are both pioneer seeds and nutrients added during the production process. The rooting systems have time to develop due to the short-term protection of the biodegradable structure in the vulnerable phase of vegetation development. When there is a sufficient rooting system, the cardboard decomposes and adds carbon to the soil. The anti-erosion function will be taken over by the new vegetation, improving water infiltration and soil structure to help the ecosystem get over the ecological threshold.

1. Erosion

Due to overgrazing, deforestation and unsustainable agriculture, soils get degraded and vulnerable to erosion. Water can not infiltrate the soil and seeds get flushed away by the rain.

2. Protecting

By nesting seeds inside our cardboard structure, the roots can develop without being flushed away by the rain. The honeycomb structure creates a natural terrace to stop erosion and improve water infiltration.

3. Growing

Due to the absorbing qualities of the carboard fiber, it is possible to impregnate extra nutrients into the material, stimulating growth in the first stage of development

4. Farming

Cardboard is a biodegradable material and will decompose when the plants are strong enough.The new plants will continue the anti- erosion function by stabilizing the soil with their roots.
Creating natural erosion buffers in between farmland, kickstarting a new ecosystem.

5. Maintaining

New vegetation and agricultural waste from sustainably managed land can be used
as biomass to produce new Ecosystem Kickstarter products, stimulating a local and circular economy.

This video shows our first steps towards sustainable landscape restoration and the experiences of a feasibility study in Uganda.




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